Jul 30, 2012

A dose of cuteness for the day

I picked up my daughter from daycare today, but before we could walk out of the door, she dashed down to her classroom where her cubby is located.  I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I'm going to get my invitations!" Okay... When she came back, with a stack of roughly bookmark shaped cuts of construction paper in hand, I asked her, "What invitations?" "To my birthday party, at JumpStreet!" ...her birthday is not for another six months. So apparently she is already planning her birthday party, way ahead of schedule. LOL I also asked her if she was sure she wanted her party there, since that is where her 5th birthday party* was at.  She said she was sure. After she went to bed, I decided to take a look at her "invitations". She had written several of her friends' names from daycare, did pretty good for the most part, and attempted to write our address on the back of some of them.  She has the right numbers, just with one of them written backwards, and apparently either couldn't remember the street name or had no idea how to spell it.  But I was pretty impressed with her attempts.  And at least if she knows now where she wants to have her party at, I will have plenty of time to save up for it!   *not last year but the year before.