Jul 06, 2021

Up on EE again and a new Design

This blog has been back and forth between WordPress and ExpressionEngine several times over its lifetime. I have grown weary of WP and having to constantly update it virtually every week. So back to EE I go, even if it's just to let this place sit idle for several more years. I have not included a form for comments, nor does my contact link go anywhere at the moment. It may never, I don't know yet. I just focused on getting the content out of WP and getting the new design implemented…

Jan 02, 2014

Test, test, and happy new year!

Just a quick test to see if my Facebook page posting is working.... Trying a new plugin.

Dec 29, 2013

Completed painting - revealed

Today the painting was delivered to its recipient, my husband's grandmother, so I can safely reveal what I was working on now. First is a shot of the entire picture.  Keep in mind it is still a little curved, even after laying all night underneath something heavy in an attempt to flatten it, so if anything seems a bit skewed, that is likely why.  The squarish splotch on the upper right is a shadow. I can tell how my skills progressed with each figure with both the drawings and the…

Jan 30, 2012

I’ll be all domesticated and stuff

I ordered a sewing machine. :-o It will (should) arrive tomorrow, but I have no fabric or anything yet.  Picked out a pattern for a dress for my daughter but, since I've never used a sewing machine in my life, I'm probably setting my sights pretty high.  It seems like a simple pattern, but knowing my luck it may not be. So um, maybe I'll find a pillowcase pattern somewhere and make her that first, instead.  Start easy and work up to the dress. LOL I also plan on using it to make keychain fobs…

Jan 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to my daughter

She's six today. *sniff* Growing up so fast! We'll need to keep her main party low key since we just went to Disneyland a couple weeks ago, and it will probably be toward the end of the month to let a few people schedule some time off, even if it's just to take an extended "lunch break", which is what her dad will need to do. Well, she and I are off to the store before school to pick up some cupcakes for her class. I hope I get enough for everyone, I'm not really sure how many kids there are, so…

Jan 14, 2012


Testing to see if HootSuite will pick up my feed again since I switched over to WP.

Jan 14, 2012

If you have XBOX Live, be warned

From what my husband and I have been reading, this has been going on for a while, but today we were victims. Thankfully it wasn't for too much money, but any amount of stolen money is bad enough in the scheme of things. His XBOX Live account was hacked today.  Around 2PM he texts me and asks if either our daughter or I had purchased anything on XBOX.  Not that I was aware of, because my daughter had been playing the Disney Kinect game, and we purposely log out of his account and use hers since…

Jul 19, 2011

Spiffy Title decoration

I think I got the spiffy fonts in the post titles to work in IE finally.  I can see it in IE on my PC, so I think most everyone else should be able to as well. I think I like this one better than the other though.  It looks more similar to how I write.

Jul 19, 2011

Reinventing the Wheel

Remember not long ago, I mentioned wanting to update the look of my blog?  And that it would probably not be a very speedy process, yeah? I still haven’t really gotten past the “wanting to” stage, but I have been rethinking whether I should stick with this CMS, ExpressionEngine (EE), or change back to…. WordPress. Yes, I know.  That program frustrated me with the two times my site got hacked, and was the reason I switched over to EE. But designing in EE was…

Jul 08, 2011

Really? And on months old posts, even

Wanna see how fast I block a spammer from posting anymore? Done. I like how they try to fake things by trying to make the comments look related in some way. The lastest one even carried the same topic of their comment into a different post, like it was a continuation of their thought but they didn’t want to leave it on one post, they had to spread it around. Psh. You spam, you banned. Enjoy reading all you want, Mr./Ms. Spammer, but you won’t be able to comment anymore!  :p

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