Feb 09, 2010

Crazy Train - Swieky Siggies

The Artfire Crazy Train rider for the next two days is Swieky Siggies Graphic Design. Based in Aurora, Colorado, Swieky Siggies Graphic Design offers a variety of items for your graphics needs. She has oodles of pre-made ArtFire studio banners and avatars: She also has pre-made Twitter backgrounds: Are you in need of a logo?  She also offers pre-made, and customer business logos: Go give her studio a peek and see what other graphics creations she has to offer!

Feb 07, 2010

Crazy Train - Broken Wing Designs

The next ArtFire Crazy Train rider for Superbowl Sunday and the day following is Broken Wing Designs. Peggy has a wide range of prices for her items, and all are quite beautiful.  Most of the items were created by Peggy herself, but she also carries some vintage Native American made items she has collected over the years. Here are some pretty copper and turquoise cross earrings, affordably priced at $15: Or for a mid-range price, a wonderful copper cuff set with a giant turquoise cabachon, at…

Feb 05, 2010

Crazy Train - Glasstastic Treasures

The ArtFire Crazy Train rider for Feb 5-6, is Glasstastic Treasures. Jamie makes some really cute and pretty lampwork beads, and also has some finished jewelry at her Studio. First, a cute little dragon!  I love dragons. Next, if you're a dog lover, how about a little bone charm with a paw print on it? Or how about a fish pendant? She has many more beads in her studio, from Halloween themed beads such as mummies, Frankenstein, and "evil eyes",  Twilight inspired beads, Christmas themed beads,…

Feb 03, 2010

Crazy Train - Hosslass Art

The ArtFire Crazy Train rider for today and tomorrow, is Hosslass Art. This is an artist after my own heart - paintings of horses! (There's a unicorn in there, too!)  There are also paintings of wildlife, but horses seem to be the main theme at this artist's studio. How about a bookmark? Or a nifty business card organizer or journal? Or my favorite, a unicorn: Please go and look at what else she has to offer!

Feb 01, 2010

Crazy Train: Two Belles & a Bead

The ArtFire Crazy Train rider for the next two days is Two Belles & a Bead. She has a lot of items to choose from, but I really like her earrings! These look like pieces of hard candy, yummy! How about some Mint Chocolate Chip crystal earrings: And if you're not a dangly earring wearer, how about some stud earrings?

Dec 08, 2009

Artfire Crazy Train Rider - Fabric Sew Simple

Today's Artfire Crazy Train Rider is Fabric Sew Simple, or "Designs By Barb" which is her Artfire moniker. If you sew, quilt, or just collect fabric, this gal has loads of different fabrics for you to choose from, and a handful of patterns, too. Here's a nice colorful fabric by Robert Kaufman: And here is a cute pattern for a little girl's dress! And for you quilters, here is an example of her pre-cut quilting blocks:

Dec 05, 2009

Artfire Crazy Train Rider - Clara Clips

I've been quite bad about keeping up on these promotions of other studios, so I am going to work on that from here on. Today's Artfire Crazy Train Rider is Clara Clips. She has such CUTE items in her shop!  If you have little girls and love to put barrettes in their hair, you might want to check out this studio! Here is a little snowman: Or maybe a poinsettia? Or a cute little butterfly headband? She is located in Canada, however, so keep this in mind if you're shopping from the USA, shipping…

Sep 15, 2009

Artfire Crazy Train rider - Trinkets and Treasures

This gal has lots of items for sale in her studio at Trinkets and Treasures, here is one of her items, a really neat hollow silver pendant: Check out her other items!

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