Apr 20, 2010

Guild Featured Studio - SwirlJewels

Trish runs SwirlJewels, and is based out of Adelaide, South Australia. She creates her pieces using gemstones, lampworked beads and other quality materials.  She has items for both women and men alike!

Apr 12, 2010

Guild Featured Studio - Boutique Karma

This week's Shops with less than (10) Sales guild's featured studio is Boutique Karma, run by Tara from Pincourt, Quebec, Canada. Tara creates scented or unscented flaxseed & lentil eye pillows (put them in the freezer and take one out for headaches, achy necks, joint pain, etc.), a kid's version called a "BoBo Pack" for bumps on the noggin or knees (or wherever), coffee cuffs (replaces cardboard sleeves for hot disposable coffee cups), mug huggers (wraps around tea/coffee mugs to protect…

Apr 05, 2010

Guild Featured Studio - jYOUlry

I missed last week's Shops with less than (10) sales featured studio, between being busy at work AND a DNS problem that essentially knocked down my blog for a while. But I will post this week's now while I am at home and a little under the weather. This week's Shops with less than (10) sales guild featured studio is jYOUlry.  Lisa is the artisan at jYOUlry, a stay at home mom and living in Panama City.  She creates custom photo jewelry and accessories, such as keychains, wine stoppers, and…

Mar 22, 2010

Guild Featured Studio - Dancing Wind Designs

The Shops with Less than (10) Sales guild's featured studio of the week of March 22 is Dancing Wind Designs. Sue creates hand beaded jewelry.  Beautiful hand beaded jewelry.  Go check out her items!

Mar 15, 2010

Guild Featured Studio - Liquidambar

This week's Shops with less than (10) sales guild's featured studio is Liquidambar. Liquidambar is a husband and wife team, John and Kitty.  They work mostly with pottery, but Kitty also works with glass and creates ceramic jewelry.  Here are a few items from their studio:

Mar 08, 2010

Guild Featured Studio - VA Beach Quilter

The Shops with Less than (10) Sales guild's Featured Studio the week of March 8, is VABeachQuilter, our hardworking guild master. She has SOOOOOO many items in her shop, it's very difficult to pick out a few to feature here.  Nevertheless... here are five: Just a very small sample of the many items she has available in her studio.  Please go give her a visit today!

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