Feb 10, 2010

Guild Spotlight - Hippie Chick Designs

From Wednesday to next Tuesday night, the week's spotlight will be on Hippie Chick Designs. I have put a little widget over in the sidebar to the right which will show a couple of items from her shop, which will change each time you visit the page (or you can click on it, and click "visit studio" to see the rest of her shop).  If you see something you like, click it!  It will bring up a window and you can buy it right there. In the meantime, here are a few items from her studio: var…

Feb 08, 2010

Guild Featured Studio of the week - Tali’s Creations

This week, the Shops with Less Than (10) Sales guild's featured studio is Tali's Creations. She has many quality items to chose from: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry sets, utilizing Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, glass and lampwork beads. var spotid=16518; var size='mini';var width='345px';var height='350px'; Tali is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Feb 03, 2010

Guild Promotion - VA Beach Quilter

This week's "Shops with Less than (10) Sales" guild spotlight is for our esteemed guildmaster, VA Beach Quilter.  She has more than ten sales, but that doesn't matter, she works very hard as our guildmaster, so why shouldn't she step into the spotlight? There are SO many things in her studio, from cute little coasters, to rag quilts, to quilted purses, and she even makes market bags!  And there are also items for babies and children - bibs, blankets, toddler purses, burp blankets - all so…

Feb 01, 2010

Hippy Chick Designs

I joined a couple of guilds at Artfire recently, and so each week I'll be promoting some of the guild members. This week, here are some items from a member of Shops with Less than (10) Sales: var spotid=16410; var size='mini';var width='345px';var height='350px'; Check out her shop! She lives in Beaverton, Oregon.

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