Nov 13, 2009

Claying again

I tend to flit back and forth between projects.  So I started painting the picture of my daughter, got as far as getting a little of the undertones of her skin in place, and then set it aside in favor of working with my polymer clays again. Hobby Lobby is opening stores in town, and I came across one very near my day job, so I went to check them out one day at lunch, 40% off coupon in hand.  I walked out with a few packages of this new polymer clay made with beeswax, Pardo - in red (ruby), green (amazonite), white (mother of pearl), and black (onyx). I made some snowmen and Santa beads, mostly with Pardo, but also using Cernit, in the case of the flesh color fo Santa and the orange carrot nose on the snowmen.  Pardo is extremely soft so it was rather challenging to work with.  Now I'm trying my hand at a few angel beads, mostly made with Cernit except the wings in mother-of-pearl Pardo.  I hope to have those finished tonight so I can bake those sometime this weekend and see how this new clay turns out once baked.  If they turn out well, I'll post them to my Artfire shop for sale. Speaking of my Artfire shop, I unfortunately have not been able to spend much time, if any, promoting it, not without interfering with my day job, family time or clay/craft time.  I will obviously need to work on that issue if I want to start getting any sales. 😉