Apr 22, 2011

Contemplating site redesign

Because one post today just wasn’t enough. LOL

Ok, anyway.  I’m finding myself contemplating redesigning my blog again.  Getting bored with it already I guess.

The tough part?  My blog software doesn’t really come with any templates.  This one, and any new ones, will have to be hand made by me.

There are *some* places that make templates for this platform, but very few free ones; and if I felt up to it, I could probably find one for another platform and port it over.  But I tend to like to get my hands dirty with my site and create something from scratch all my own.  I could go dig up one of my older ones and port it to this version…

I’m just not speedy about it… So don’t expect to see it very soon - heck, I don’t even have any idea what I want to do with the place yet!  cheese 

Mainly this is a forewarning, that if you come across my site one day and it looks….funky, that I’m probably trying to update it and things aren’t going my way. Haha!