Mar 06, 2012

Crafty Carnival at the school

Last Saturday I participated as a vendor at my daughter's school Spring Carnival again. Last year I participated and didn't sell a thing. This year, I sold a key chain, a bottlecap necklace, and several hair bows.  I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by and bought something from me this year, you really made my day! 😊 I worked pretty hard making those items in the weeks before, so I would have been sad if I'd walked away selling nothing again like the previous year. There was a lot of interest in my little turtle sculpture (he may be visible off to the right on my FB link), but the price scared a lot of people away I think.  It's probably my own fault for not posting something saying they were handmade, so if I do this again next year my husband suggested I post a sign saying as much next time.   I'll definitely have to do that I think.  He suspects people thought it was a toy, but it's definitely not! 😊