Sep 16, 2010

EE up on main domain

As you can see, I now have ExpressionEngine up and running my blog on my main domain now.  I have retired WordPress.  There are still quite a few things that EE can’t do that WP could, but I will just work around it.  The biggest good thing, I think, will be that this software should be a lot stronger in the security department.

As I mentioned before I transitioned over to this software, when I imported all of my entries from WordPress, it created member profiles for anyone who had left a comment on my WP blog.  I am not sure what the passwords are for those, but if you want to comment and it won’t allow you to use your usual information without a password, contact me via my Contact page and I’ll get something created for you.  It creates the profiles using your email address, so you could even try having the system reset your password by using the “lost password” method.  But again, failing that, use my contact form to get in touch with me.

I’m sorry for the abrupt transition, but it had to happen after the second hack on my WP blog this year.  It was frustrating to see my page defaced like it was; here is to hoping it will be less likely to happen.

Time to hit the hay.  Have a good night, everyone!