Nov 05, 2013

Finished a painting

So, if you've been a reader here long enough to have read this post, then I have some news for you - I finally finished that painting!  Since my posts don't seem to have the YEAR in them, that post was from probably August 2010.  Yes, over three years ago.  The last picture in that post is how the painting sat.  And sat.  And sat. And then one day, the local art store, which I subscribed to their mailing list when I bought my papers and paints mentioned in that post, sent out a newsletter that was advertising a class by a local teacher, for watercolors.  It was in the afternoons, on Fridays.  It conflicted with my work schedule.  At first, I was a bit sad.  I had seen other such postings from that store for other days of the week for the same teacher, but it had been a while so I figured the class was full.  Then out of the blue it is posted again, and I wondered... Could I maybe get out of work for those few hours in the afternoon so I could attend it?  So I emailed my boss, and tossed the idea at him.   Offered to make up the hours I would miss, since the rest of my paid personal time is in reserve for the Christmas Break my daughter will have from school at the end of the year.  He was agreeable to it! I called up the teacher, and she said the reason she had openings, was because she started offering the same class at one of the art store's other locations, and for some of the ladies, that one was closer.  I signed up and attended the first class in the beginning of October. It meets every Friday, and it's either pay as you go, or pay for four classes up front for $5 less per class.  I wanted to pay for four classes, but couldn't swing the full amount just yet (middle of the pay period).  She said I could pay for one class at the $5 off and pay the rest next time.  Sweet! Since this class of hers is more of a "paint what you want", than a "paint what I say", we bring whatever subject we want to work on, and she walks around the class observing and offering tips and suggestions if we need help.  I decided to bring the unfinished painting of my daughter.  Nothing like a class in the media it is in to kick myself into finishing it. Two and a half classes later, it's done. zoe-painting-1 I opted to not do a background. It would probably look better if I scanned it, I just snapped a picture with my iPhone. The next painting I'm working on is of a horse, of course.  Haha.  Drawing and painting horses was "my thing" when I was younger, so it's only natural that I circle back to that again.  I chose this as my subject: I only have one class left of the four I prepaid, coming up this Friday.  If you're looking at the calendar and wondering how that works out if I started at the beginning of October, it's because there were two weeks where we did not have class.  One, she was sick, and the second one, she was out of town.  Anyway, I want to continue taking it, but, I don't want to push my luck too much with my boss.  It already feels strange stepping a way from work for a definite non-work related class.  I'm afraid if my boss' boss found out, he'd probably have an issue with it... *sigh*  Too bad my teacher doesn't offer her classes like this on weekends.  I guess an occasional weekend is reserved for her actual 5-6 hour workshops... Those are the ones where it's a "paint what I say" class. LOL   Ah well.  It's a start, at least!