Sep 16, 2010

Get in on this deal while it lasts!

My studio is hosted at ArtFire, and this month they are offering a super deal I don’t know that anyone could - or should - refuse.

They are offering, for a limited time, and a limited number of people, their monthly rates at $5.95!  BUT - ONLY if at least 20,000 people sign up, and after that, it is limited to 50,000 artisans!  There are no closing fees, no listing fees, and lots of great features.

You really don’t want to miss this!  I know I could use the savings, and I’ll be awfully sad if we can’t reach the goal of at least 20,000 people signing up.  So go now - go sign up for a basic account if you aren’t already a member, and then jump in on this deal while it is still available!  Then go tell everyone you know!  If you’ve been wanting a venue to sell your art, your handmade jewelry, vintage wares or supplies, but have been hesitant - wait no more!  Get in while you can.