Jun 07, 2010

Guild Featured Studio - On Pens and Needles

This weeks Shops with Less than (10) Sales featured guildmember is On Pens and Needles. Don and Jan head up this studio and they both contribute items for sale.  They've added a few things since I last featured them here. They've added some pens that Don makes as well as a wooden pendant, and there are also some new paper embellishments, some of the cutest flannel washcloths, and a nifty item dubbed the "potato bag" which can be used to heat up food items such as potatoes, corn, cauliflower, dinner rolls, tortillas and the like, in the microwave.  Go take a look around! They have seven sales so far, and when they get ten they will graduate from our guild!  A little sad in parting but, well deserved.  Please go help them reach that magic number. 😊 microwave potato bagflannel washclothpen