Dec 31, 2010

Happy holidays and ringing in 2011

So I have once again fallen away from posting anything.  That tends to be my cycle - go gung-ho into it, and post post post, then dwindle off until a month goes by before popping back in to say something.  I used to blog pretty regularly a few years ago.  I don’t know if my tendencies to slack off about this whole thing now is simply being bored with it, or if I’m just overly cautious since this place is more or less the face of my itsy bitsy business and I’m just holding back for fear of scaring someone, maybe a potential customer, away with what I say here.  Or it could be just a phase where I’m not feeling particularly talkative.

Regardless of the reason, for 2011 I would like to try to improve and post more regularly.  Not necessarily every day, as goodness knows that would be nearly impossible. But maybe a couple times a week at the very least.  I probably should since I actually paid money for this “content management system” that I’m using, after the second hack of my former WordPress blog last year.  I’ll make a go of it.  Even if it’s just nonsensical blather.  smile

So 2010 was fairly good.  Nothing catastrophic happened within my immediate family, although there were some sad moments within the extended family circle, but, there were also happy moments. We still have our health; in fact our daughter had only caught a few bugs the entire year.  I never thought I’d be so thankful for the several bugs she caught her first two years of daycare, but it’s definitely paying off.  I even made it through the year without a sinus infection for once, whereas I’d had one each of the previous two years.  Yay!

We still have good jobs, a home and good running vehicles, and although they’re both getting up there in mileage, *knock on wood* they’re still very good to us.

For 2011, one of our goals is to work harder at chipping away at our debt.  For my business, my hope is to be able to add more items for sale to my studio, and selling more items.  My marketing is laughable right now, so I need to work on that a lot.  I got a new camera for Christmas, so photos should improve as well. I just need either some macro filters or a basic macro lens, I think, so I can get some really close up shots.

I hope everyone had a good 2010 and wish everyone an even better 2011.

I’ll leave you with some photos of two gifts I made - one was for my husband’s grandmother, and the other was for my sister-in-law’s grandmother.
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