Jan 11, 2011

Looking for input and a giveaway!

I don’t know if there are any knitters or crocheters out there reading this, but if there are, I have a couple of questions for you.

I’m looking for some items to make with my polymer clay, that are not too time consuming.  While it is not by any means a new idea, it is new to me, so I thought maybe, stitch markers.

I knit myself, although it has been a while since I made something that required a stitch marker.  But I have several sizes of needles I could gauge the ring size off of.  My question to you knitters/crocheters reading this would be, what types of charms would you (or a knitter you know) be interested in?  Food, like a fruit theme, a veggie theme, or fast food theme?  How about animals?  A farm animal theme, cats, dogs or birds?  Holiday themes?

And my last question would be - how many would you need or use for a project?  If you were to buy a set, how many would you want to see in a set?  Four? Five?  I’ve looked around and a common number seems to be four, but I am interested in knowing if this is a good number or if you would want more than that.

Now, the giveaway part!  Yay!

To make this interesting and generate responses, I’ll take all the comments of people who offer input, and do a drawing.  The person who wins, will get a set (whatever number is deemed most common by all who comment) of stitch markers.  You don’t have to knit to win, of course; you could perhaps use it as a gift for someone who does!

I’ll use a number generator to pick the winner.

End date for commenting will be January 21 (that’s a Friday), and I’ll draw a winner over that weekend.  Incidentally that is the weekend of my daughter’s 5th birthday party, so if I don’t post a winner by that Saturday (which is the day of the party), then I’ll have something posted by that Sunday (January 23).  I’ll make a new post noting who the winner is, and you’ll need to use my contact form to send me your mailing information, and specific theme you’re interested in me attempting to create.  I’ll most likely need about two weeks to complete the creation before I can ship it out, so keep this in mind please. smile

Good luck, and thanks everyone for any input provided!


  • I personally don’t knit, but I asked one of my friends in the “real world” who is a knitter.  She’d like stitch markers decorated with bees, and anywhere between 4-6 stitch markers in a set.  😉

    By: Teri Landow, on Jan 11, 2011

  • My daughter is the knitter in my family and she says anything to do with knitting ie: balls of yarn, needles, etc.  And 4-6 in a set.

    By: Cr, on Jan 14, 2011

  • For crocheting, when I do my initial chain on an afghan, I like to mark every 5o chains or so.  So I am in agreement… 4-6 seems to be the answer.

    By: Traecy, on Jan 14, 2011

  • I crochet and I love the idea of little kitty stitch markers! Or birds, butterflies or even little hearts, moons or stars.

    I would think 4-6 would be a nice set.

    By: intothedawn, on Jan 16, 2011