Jul 14, 2012

Made:  A Tooth Fairy Pillow

My daughter is just about to lose her third tooth.  It's just loose enough to give me the heebie-jeebies when she shows it to me, but not quite enough to come out yet. For her first two teeth, the tooth fairy had to sneak into her room and swap the tooth for money from under her pillow. This time, there will be a pillow hanging from her doorknob, for easy access without risk of waking the sleeping girl.  I found this pattern and decided I'd give it a shot. It took me most of the afternoon to finish.  First she and I went to eat at Chipotle and Smashburger.  She wanted Chipotle (and I didn't), and I wanted Smashburger (and she didn't).  Thankfully they are right next door to each other.  We picked up her food to go first, then walked over and ordered mine to eat there, and sat outside to eat.
 After that, we stopped by the craft store to pick up supplies for the pillow/door hanger.  The most expensive supplies I bought were some pinking sheers, but I used a 40% off coupon for that.  I got plenty of different colors of felt in case I decided to go crazy embellishing it (which I didn't do).  But at least I'll have felt for the next time I feel the urge to create another tooth fairy pillow, which will probably be fairly soon as I thought I may make one for one of my daughter's preschool friends who is having a birthday party in a couple of weeks.  And I could make some for my daughter's cousins, too.
The mouth of the tooth will hold, well, the tooth!  And I put a pocket on the back to hold any loot the Tooth Fairy leaves when she flutters by to take the tooth. I modified my version a little bit.  I used rick-rack for the hanger rather than ribbon, and added white glitter felt wings.  I think I put them a little too low, but oh well. The dress was something my daughter requested.  I had cut it a little too long at first and it covered the tooth's, um, "feet", so rather than cut it short I had a brilliant idea and threaded 1/8" ribbon through both the top and bottom seams, folded it in half and made a poofy skirt.  It doesn't go all the way around since I made the wings too low, but I think this works out pretty well.  It's more like an apron I suppose. So there is my crafty contribution for the week... month, or whatever.  I've kind of stalled out on doing anything else at the moment, since I started cleaning up my office/craft room, but I reached a point where I'm kind of lost with all of the stuff I seem to have acquired over the years, not all of it craft stuff, either.  It  will be a slow progress I think, unless I go into some sort of frenzy over the next couple of days. LOL Later.


  • Oh my goodness it is so adorable! ?

    By: ColtPixy, on Jul 14, 2012