Mar 14, 2010

Maybe there is an end in sight afterall

I have to give huge kudos to a handful of my coworkers.  When we started our project I think we had well over 2300 tasks to tackle.  As of when I logged out of my work computer this evening, there were less than 1000 tasks left. I will be glad when this is over, I've had ideas brewing in my head for things to work on, and I signed up for a membership at so that I can learn a few techniques with polymer clay that I don't know how to do yet, and I'd really like to get started on some of that!  But this project has left me little time in the evenings after work to do much of anything but get dinner, relax a little while eating, then get my daughter ready for and into bed, and then start working on some tasks for the project at work, and finally go to bed myself. The exception was yesterday, since I had completed some extra tasks on Friday (2/3rd of my set number for Saturday), I decided to leave the last 1/3rd for Sunday and take Saturday for myself.  Well, it was also because my daughter was invited to a birthday party across town, and I knew when I got back from that, since she would be staying overnight at her grandmother's house, that I sure wasn't going to want to do any work-work... So I went out to dinner with my husband and we hung out for the evening.  I couldn't muster the motivation to start any jewelry or polymer clay work that evening, knowing I wouldn't be able to pick it up again who knows when.  So when my husband started playing a first-person shooter video game (I can't handle watching those, they make me nauseous), I went back to my office/craft room and started reading some of the older posts at, and noting which back issues I may want to order at some point.  And I also did a blog post here for a Crazy Train rider. So anyway, if we keep up this speed on how we're getting through our task list, I am hoping that maybe by this weekend, or early next week, we won't have to worry about doing any extra work from home and can actually get our own lives back to do with as we choose.  That will be nice indeed.