Jan 11, 2012

Moving away from ArtFire

I've had a storefront at Etsy for a while, but I had not listed anything there.  I mainly used it for buying supplies. With an upheaval over at ArtFire recently with some new program that really sounds hokey (to put it kindly), I've decided it's no longer the place for me. As a result, I'll be moving my items over to Etsy, and also over to Zibbet. I've moved all of the hairbows I had listed at AF, over to Zibbet.  My polyclay items and jewelry, I'll move over to Etsy, but it will be a slow process to keep my bill low.  I have two items listed so far, they're over on the right side of the screen in my Etsy mini.  As I add more items you'll see them appear over there, and depending on the size of the Mini, with enough items listed they'll appear randomly.   Here is my Etsy link. Here is my Zibbet link.