Mar 25, 2012

My Reply to my cat’s hatemail

Dear Fawkes, I know you don't enjoy the crate or car rides, but you haven't been feeling well lately so I was taking you to the doctor.  I knew you may have an accident in your crate, which is why I was smart and brought plastic bags and paper towels, and even lined the crate with paper towels.  When we arrived at the vet's office, I was right and you had peed.  When I let you out in the exam room, I took out the soiled towel and put it in one of the bags to throw away and put clean towels back in the crate. I'm sorry that the nurse used the thermometer the way she did, but that is the only way they can take your temperature.  She said it was normal, by the way.  And you still rubbed against her legs later when she came back after the doctor to tell us what meds they were going to prescribe.  So while you may have not been too thrilled about it at the time, it seems you forgot or forgave her. I was hoping you'd make the trip home without any accidents, but you let out a steamer 💩 right as we were leaving the parking lot.  Thanks so much for that.  I had to roll down the windows and crank up the a/c hoping it would blow the stink out.  It only helped a little. And you got a bath when we got home because you chose to LAY IN IT, dummy!  So rather than take a chance you'd plop down on my couch or carpet and transfer poo, straight to the tub you went.  At least you're not as crazy-scared of water as your brother is.  Even when he was 8 weeks old he practically shredded my arms when you two got your first bath, and he hasn't had another one since.  You've had a few, so I think that's pretty admirable, even if you're not exactly fond of them. The medicine, my dear Fawkes, is to hopefully help you feel better.  You are always sneezing and retching and coughing like you need to bring up a hairball, and while you do sometimes, it doesn't end the misery you seem to be in. The doctor seems to think it may be an allergy or something, and you did seem to feel better when we did a medicine regimen in October, so if we have to keep you on something to alleviate your symptoms, we'll do that.  In fact you've only had your first dose today after we got home and so far I haven't heard you hacking much if at all, so it seems to be working. So it is all in the interest of helping you feel better, dear kitty 🐱. 😉