Sep 09, 2010

New blog is coming together

Ok, I finished editing and moving entries around, assigning them categories, etc..  Please take a look around.

I know my links in the sidebar are still not set up yet, but that will be on my to-do list.

Please feel free to comment about what you think of my new blog!  I will be moving it probably within a week, to it’s permanent home in the main directory, so when you type in my domain, this page is what you see (essentially, I will make it so /eeblog/ is not necessary to see this new blog), and I will retire the WordPress index.php - I have to leave its directories intact as I am linking to smilies and pictures uploaded there.

Please let me know if there are any huge issues - such as extremely slow loading, etc.  My hope is that this page loads faster.

I originally wanted to give the option of “skins” for this site, so that those who do experience issues with this somewhat image heavy layout (used .gif for most of them, hoping it would lighten it up a little), could chose a CSS site instead, but I can’t get that to function just yet.  I used to have it working at my former blog that used this same software, but the PHP for the cookies is apparently outdated, and I have yet to track down a set of code that will work properly.  Either I can get the switcher to work, but it does not “stick” to all of the pages, or I can’t get the switcher to work at all, depending on which code I use.  It is annoying and I hope I can find a resolution sometime.  Anyone with some serious PHP foo, please speak up if you have some tips or advice!

Thank you for checking the place out! smile