Sep 18, 2010

One fifth of the way there!

I added a second studio today.  I figure, if this deal reaches 20,000 people and opens up, I’ll be paying for two studios at almost one dollar less than what I’m paying for the one I have now!  My new studio will be for beads that I make with polymer clay.  My main studio will be for jewelry, and maybe sculptures if I feel like adding them to sell.

It looks like we’re about 1/5th of the way to the first goal of 20,000 sign ups.  My new studio was the #4081th to opt-in.

How can anyone pass this up?  If you don’t already have a studio at ArtFire, you have nothing to lose!  Just sign up for a basic account, then opt-in!  If the magic number for the goal is reached, then you get your basic studio upgraded to Pro for just $5.95 a month!  That is a flat fee, there are no other hidden costs, outside of your payment processors fees.  If the goal is not achieved, then your studio, if you created a basic one, will remain a basic one and will cost you nothing.  See?  Nothing to lose!

Currently I have 32 items in my studio.  If I were to take those same items over to Etsy, it would cost me $6.40 just to list them!  That is not including the extra fees that are charged after a sale is made, and if I were desperate enough to re-list every few days just to keep my items up in the searches, that would be another $.20 per re-list.  For those who do that often, that really adds up fast!  So why do that silly nonsense when we can list as many items as we want to at an ArtFire studio, for one flat rate.  Sell as many as we can, and there are no extra fees charged by ArtFire - it still only costs that one flat rate.  And if the goal of 20,000 people opting into this deal is reached, it will only cost $5.95 a month to run a shop!  No re-listing necessary, no fees at closing a sale.  That alone is a huge lot of savings!

Don’t put off joining this opt-in if you’e been debating it.  You could be the one that helps everyone reach that magic number of 20,000 sign ups!

And ArtFire is running some great contests - both for those who opt-in, and those who help spread the word about this great deal.  Even more perks to get in on this!