Aug 19, 2009

Plurk: how to change color of responding text

I joined Plurk not too long ago, and so far it's great.  Just the other day, I discovered a place where you can find a Plurk profile template, click a button, and it installs the code to your profiel for you. The only problem is, on a few of them, the color of the "respond" text is darn near invisible, and makes it nearly impossible to read what you're typing when you reply to someone's Plurk. I figured out, at least in the template that I have, where to make the change to darken the text. My Plurk layout is called "Butterfly Plurk Layout", from To change the color of the respond text, you'll first need to go to "My Profile edit", and click "edit".  That will pop up a window, and next click the "Customize Profile" tab.  On there, will be a section titled "Customize your profile even more with CSS".  The section you want to look for will be in there. The quickest way to get to the section that needs to be changed, for this template, anyway, is to search in that text area box for "respond".  The code writer spells it as "responde", so you can search for it that way, too.  The specific section you want will look like this:
/*Plurk: Textarea to responde to a Plurk */ textarea#input_small { background: #ffffff !important; border: 1px solid #f7f7f7; color: #84C8B7 !important; }
That last line, "color: #84C8B7 !important;" is what I changed mine to.  It's a slightly darker green (the color native to that template is an extremely pale pale green).   So if you have the same template as I do, change it do that color code above, save the changes, and you should be able to see your text when you reply to someone's Plurk. The other template that appears to have this same problem, is called "Butterfly Bubble", from the same layout site.  In the same section of code above (written by the same person it would appear), change the color code to #89C496.  Either of those color codes could probably used in either template since the underlying color theme on them is green, and both of those color codes are shades of green. Be sure to click the save button when you are done so it remembers what you changed!  And be sure to leave that bit of code looking exactly as you see it except for the color code - which yes, it DOES need the # in front of it to work properly, so include that, too. Good luck and I hope this helps!