Aug 03, 2009

Progress is slow

Well, originally I had hoped to officially open up shop at Artfire and Etsy by the beginning of August, but that is not happening yet.  My workspace was getting cluttered again, so I felt it was time to rearrange things and try to reorganize the area to hopefully free up my creativity.  I also wanted to set up a space for taking photos so I would not need to take everything out to the kitchen to set up. I'm still in the midst of reorganizing.  I spent a good part of Saturday and Sunday working on this little project, I got the big pieces of furniture moved to where I wanted - my filing cabinet/hutch and a small desk swapped spots, and I moved my work table to a different side of my L desk.  It also helped open up my room a little bit with this arrangement, even though all of the furniture is the same.  Just the way it is now positioned makes my office appear more open... at least to me anyway. Although I do still have to move the hutch on my desk.  Currently it's on the side of my desk that is up against the window (let's just say, if there was ever a fire and I was trapped in this room, I'd be toast), which is not only a safety hazard, but it kind of blocks out the natural light during the day.  I want to move it to the left side of my desk, against a plain wall, then move my iMac to the side it came from, where it would be closer to my work table.  So I'd still be able to get out in a hurry, at the expense of my poor computer, but at least I wouldn't have to tear down a hutch to get to the window. Anyway.  I still have quite a bit of "stuff" to move on my desk before I can do that, not only off of the hutch temporarily, but from where it is destined to go, too. I predict it will take me the better part of the rest of this week since I can only work on it in the evenings after I get home from work.  Then I still need to make a gift for my grandmother's 80th birthday, and after that I may finally be able to get some work done and pictures taken and then open up my shops. But we'll see.  That is my hope.