Aug 04, 2010

Spotlight on: Haffina Creations

This week's featured Polymer Clay Smoosher is Haffina.  She lives in Australia and runs several shops - HaffinaCreations, BeadsByHaffina, HaffinaAgain on Etsy and HaffinaAgain on Zibbet. Such a busy bee is she! Not only does she run four shops, (at least that I know of, I'm sure there are probably more!), she has such a variety of items available at each!  At HaffinaCreations, she offers handmade jewelry, some of which incorporates her handmade polymer clay items, as well as beaded jewelry and her chainmaille! chainmaille braceletlampwork earringsbeaded necklace At BeadsByHaffina, she sells her handmade polymer clay beads, buttons, pendants and other items that she doesn't incorporate into her own jewelry: faux dichroicghost buttonsfaux turquoise At HaffinaAgain at Etsy, she has a few handmade jewelry items, a few of which also have her polymer clay items and chainmaille included. dragonfly gardenflower earringsfaux turquoise And finally, at HaffinaAgain at Zibbet, she says the items listed there are those that took extra special effort to create, or those created for competitions, as well as a few precious metal and gemstone earrings. Check out this chainmaille! :-O chainmaille Isn't it just amazing work? So go pay her a visit at any of her shops, you're bound to see something you like!


  • She is so talented and makes amazing things!

    By: ColtPixy, on Aug 04, 2010

  • Awesome blog. Haffina is a wonderful artist.  :-bd ^:)^

    By: Sassy Clay Creations, on Aug 05, 2010

  • Thanks for the lovely feature!

    By: Haffina, on Aug 06, 2010

  • Her jewelry making talents are so diverse and does an incredible job with ALL of them. She’s amazing!

    By: IntotheDawn, on Aug 06, 2010

  • I don’t get how she does it, but I hope she keeps on doing it! :-D

    By: Cat, on Aug 08, 2010