Aug 17, 2012

Tooth removal - my way

My daughter's fourth bottom tooth has been loose for a while.  It just started getting to the point where I could see where it was breaking at the root both in front and back.  So it was really very loose. She asked me, "what if I swallow it while I am sleeping?", to which I reply, "Well, if that happens, the tooth fairy won't have a tooth to replace with money.  So you should probably try to pull it tonight before bed." "Okay." So she's got a piece of toilet tissue, and is working the tooth.  She's being careful and gentle about it, which isn't going to get the tooth out before bed.  I offer a piece of string to tie around it and yank it out with, she declines it.  I offer to pull it out myself, she declines. Well, it's nearing bedtime and I really would rather it come out before she goes to bed.   She's working it some more with the tissue paper and turns away from me slightly, and I just suddenly decide to yell "BOOO!!" at her. She startles and jumps. And the tooth, is now in the tissue paper, in her hand. To which she says, "Oh my gosh, it's out!" I bust out laughing.  She busts out laughing. Until she saw the blood of course.  Hehe.  But it wasn't a whole lot really, and not anything some salt-water swishing couldn't handle.


  • Seems mom’s brain is always working. Loved that you both had a good laugh about it. Great story!!!! Love you.

    By: Gramma Barb, on Aug 18, 2012