Feb 05, 2010

Two new additions to my Studio!

Hello everyone.  One of the guilds I joined recently, Polymer Clay Smooshers, has challenges each month, and even though I was a little late in the game when I joined, the deadline for it was the 4th of this month.  I had maybe about a week I think, to come up with something.   Luckily, I already had one item done, it had just been sitting around unphotographed and unloved. The other item, I came up with after making some similar pendants previously, and decided to morph the last one I was working on, to match the challenge theme given by the guild. My first item, a Steampunk-ish polymer clay heart pendant: Polymer Clay Steampunk Heart Then, my newest creation, a pink & white polymer clay swirly heart necklace on organza ribbon: Polymer Clay pink and white swirly heart necklace Both are heavily influenced by the work of Christi Friesen, if it isn't obvious and you're not familiar with that polymer clay artist & author. 😄 Anyway, sometime today, if it's not there already, the guild master will be posting the rest of the items from the other guild members who participated in February's challenge, to the Polymer Clay Smooshers' guild blog.  Go check them out, and then vote on what you'd like to see guild members take on for the next month's challenge! Take care!