Jul 11, 2009

Welcome one and all!

Ok, I got things dusted off fairly quickly.  I decided to nix my e-commerce site and go with Etsy and Artfire, linked from here.  The links are up above, underneath my banner, and when I post things for sale in either one, I'll update in a post with more links. My e-commerce page is technically still around, I just moved it to a different directory.  To be honest I just wasn't interested in keeping it up and whatnot, since if the shopping cart needed to be updated, I had to do it all manually, and well, I just don't have the time for that anymore.  I need something that will be quick and easy to post to, and to maintain. I also re-branded myself with an updated logo and business card. I still need to send off my design to the printers, but it may be a few weeks before I can do that financially. Eventually I would like to get some sort of gallery, too, but for now this will have to do just so there isn't a plain ol' blank page staring me or any visitor in the face when they show up here. Anyway.  I'm still kind of building up a small inventory before I really go "live", but I'll be sure to update here when the time comes to announce that my wares are available for purchase again. In the meantime, just leave a comment if there is some custom piece of jewelry you would like to inquire about having me make and we'll talk. Later for now!