Nov 07, 2013

What would you pay?

...for a hand-painted portrait?  It could be of a loved one, be it human or pet.  Sizes ranging from 8x10 to 16x20. Before I posted about my finished painting the other day, I'd first posted it on my Facebook page. A coworker commented on it, and what she said got me thinking. She said I should quit my day job, because it was awesome. That would be my dream, to be able to quit my job and pursue something I want to do, not just something I have to do.  But, I think that will probably be a while before I can do that.  One of my problems is that there are so many different things that I like to do on the side... I make jewelry - if my Etsy mini over in the sidebar wasn't obvious; I've made and sold hairbows, mostly at my daughter's school festival functions and a few to the same coworker who made the comment above; I've made and sold dragon sculptures in polymer clay, but it's been quite a few years since I've completed one of those; and I've started a web design business, although it's off to a slow start.  And then, the painting, which I started off doing back in high school, and I guess I'm coming full circle back to it again.  I also do some knitting or crochet when the mood strikes, but that is more just for the heck of it and not actually something I'd ever considered trying do for monetary gain, because I'm not all that fast with it, and have several UFOs lazing about.  (UFO = unfinished object, for those not in the know) So many different things, not really focusing on any one thing.  I skip from thing to thing to suit what fancies my interests at the time.  If I really could quit my day job and do the stuff I like, I think I'd have to sit down and figure out what one or two things to focus on, or I'd probably lose my mind.  Ha! But anyway.  After my initial posting on FB, I'd posed to those on my friends list, that very same question that I opened this post with, but only received one response.  I'm not sure asking it again here will get much more than that, since this is going to just end up posting to FB again anyway, but eh, I'll ask anyway.  Maybe put this on a delay so that it posts early enough in the day for maybe more people to see it. So tell me?  What would you pay for such a painting, like the one I did of my daughter?  Would it matter to you if it wasn't exactly hand-drawn, too?  I traced that one.  I have to admit, I wanted to get straight to the painting on that one - but I CAN draw.  If I didn't already put a post up here about another painting I did of an angel, I'll take a picture later this week and post it.   I hand drew that one. I've done a few Google searches for watercolor portraits, and boy those can be pricey, but given the time it takes to create something like that, particularly to make it almost photo-like, I can understand why.  Ballpark figures for the first few sites I found, were around $200-$300.  Would you pay that?