Feb 13, 2012

WIPs, completed projects and high expectations

I already posted pictures of these on FB last night, but figured it would make a good blog post, too, following up on my last one about ordering my sewing machine. I first used it to fix some bad stitching on one of my daughter's nightgowns, using a "stretchy" stitch since the fabric is kind of stretchy.  Not too bad on that, at least now she can wear it without thread coming undone on her.  (no picture, sorry) Next I attached some ribbon to some cotton webbing in preparation for making some key fobs, once I get the hardware parts for them (plus more ribbon, too, so I can make several varieties and colors).   Finally, the first thing I will call "complete", since the fobs aren't so without their hardware, are two pillow cases that I made for my daughter.  She picked out the fabrics. Of the two pictures, the first one has the truer colors:                     I had some iffy moments with the pillowcases.  On the butterflies I tried a different stitch and when I was almost done, the fabric seemed to get away from me and the stitching went all funky and started looking like a drunk was at the helm (I was drinking soda, I swear! LOL), so I had to flip it over and redo a straighter stitch to fix the wackiness.  At least it was fixable without ripping anything out. In the end they're pretty straight and fit the pillows, so that's what counts.  And she likes them, too. Next up on the sewing table - more key fobs, assuming I ever get my hardware order, and I may take the leap and start working on the dress pattern my daughter chose before I even got my machine... Cute, don't you think?  The pattern option we decided on is the purple dress with the ties.  The fabric she picked out has purple & yellow flowers and ladybugs on it, and the ties will be a solid yellow.  I'm hoping to have it done in time for Easter.  I guess we'll see, eh?  I have high expectations of my new skills, I think.. LOL :lol: