Aug 17, 2009

Workspace reorganization in progress

I guess it's sort of coming along.  After yesterday's post, I did actually get some work done in my office here at home, with moving some things around.  I moved the hutch from one side of my desk to the other, and then moved my iMac down to sit in front of the window where the hutch used to be.  There was a marked difference in the light in the room, even in the early evening, once I got that hutch moved. I dusted my PC monitor, my iMac and my desk (the dust bunnies tried to run, but I caught them in my hand vacuum). I still need to work on moving other stuff around, though, to get it to where I can utilize my side desk for working on my clay or jewelry.  I'm going to try my best to keep the space on my desk in front of my PC monitor (it sits on a raised part of the desk), clear so if I get a bug to work on some jewelry while my side desk is cluttered with clay and tools, I can do that.  Plus, that is also where I put my docking station for my work laptop, so with that in mind that will help (I hope!) me to keep that space clear of clutter. One thing I have discovered with this move of my iMac, however, is now that the keyboard is up on the desk (instead of on the keyboard tray), I'm probably going to need a wrist rest for my palms.  I never did figure out how to keep my hands elevated for long periods of time while I type, so I usually end up typing with my palms touching the desk and, in time that just starts to hurt.  Or I could just learn how to type with my hands elevated instead of being lazy and letting them always rest on the desk! That would be the cheap and quick way to solve that situation I suppose. Anyway, as I sit and write this, I am periodically looking around my workspace and wondering where to start next with this reorganization.  I'm to the point where stuff is kind of here and there and everywhere and not in it's permanent home, but I don't quite know where to start to continue to get things completely in order.  I hate that. However it seems I need to do something soon, all this chaos in my room is leading to my cats becoming overly curious and poking their noses where they need not be.  I fear one of them may cause an avalanche of precariously stacked boxes if they get too inquisitive and actually try to start climbing things. Since I have no desire to do any of that extra work the day job is once again forcing upon us, this evening, I think once I'm done here with this post I'll turn my chair around and take stock of the mess that is left and just start getting it done.  My aim is to have it done by this weekend.