Jun 29, 2010

Spotlight on: Into the Dawn

This week's Polymer Clay Smooshers' spotlight artisan is Into the Dawn Designs. Dawn is a dabbler in many crafts, including calligraphy, rubber stamping, candlemaking, and glass etching, just to name a few. Her current focus if of course on polymer clay, although she incorporates some of her other crafts into her polymer clay items to enhance and embellish them.  Here are a few of my favorites from her studio:

Jun 23, 2010

Spotlight on: CNewcomb

This week, the featured Polymer Clay Smoosher is CNewcomb.  He does woodwork with a scrollsaw and uses polymer clay to backfill some of his creations.  Check it out! And gosh, I nearly forgot to mention he is having a sale this week - 10% off!  Go visit!

Jun 23, 2010

Craft Baby Hope - featured guild member at two places

I'm late this week on this week and last week's featured guild member - Craft Baby Hope.  This studio is a member of the two guilds I am in and she's featured at both - this week it is at Shops with Less than (10) Sales, and last week was the Polymer Clay Smoosher's guild. Since she is(was) featured in both, I'll share a few more items than I typically do.  Also, make sure to visit her, she is having a 10% off sale, and all proceeds go toward her fertility treatments. She only needs one more…

Jun 06, 2010

Spotlight on: Sassy Clay Creations

This week's featured Smoosher is Sassy Clay Creations. Dori has a variety of lovely items made with polymer clay at her studio.  She makes pendants, clay covered votives, pins, cell phone charms, zipper pulls, and even has a cute little ring shelf. Here are a few items from her studio: Please go give her a visit today! Her studio, blog, or Facebook page.

May 30, 2010

Spotlight on: ColtPixy

Every week a member of Polymer Clay Smooshers guild will be featured on my blog.  This week, it's our hardworking guildmaster, ColtPixy. Star lives in Tennessee with her husband, and has been working in various arts & crafts mediums for years.  She's worked with acrylic and watercolor painting, stained glass, mosaics, and currently her focus is with polymer clay. She has a variety of jewelry and miniatures in her studio.  Here are a few of my favorites: You can also find her at her blog.

Mar 05, 2010

Polymer Clay Smoosher’s Spring Challenge

I wasn't able to participate this time 'round, but head on over to my guild's blog to take a look at the pieces of those who did participate. They did great!

Feb 05, 2010

Two new additions to my Studio!

Hello everyone.  One of the guilds I joined recently, Polymer Clay Smooshers, has challenges each month, and even though I was a little late in the game when I joined, the deadline for it was the 4th of this month.  I had maybe about a week I think, to come up with something.   Luckily, I already had one item done, it had just been sitting around unphotographed and unloved. The other item, I came up with after making some similar pendants previously, and decided to morph the last one I was…

Feb 02, 2010

Polymer Clay Smoosher’s Guild - Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

Another guild I joined recently, the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild, is having a scavenger hunt for Valentines! First, go to our guild blog for more information on how to play, and the links to all of the guild member's studios. Once you know what you're looking for, have fun hunting! There are some prizes to be won! The game ends at 6pm CST on Saturday, February 6, and winners will be drawn Sunday, February 7. Will you be able to find all of the hidden icons? Good luck!

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