Mar 31, 2011

Go Car, go!

My little car’s odometer this morning - 111,111 miles!

Mar 29, 2011

Test one last time

Is this working without having to format my email?

Mar 22, 2011

Saga of the ruined painting

I have an old painting that I started in my senior year of high school, which my then-teacher effectively ruined by painting upon it with her firm idea of what she thought I should be doing with it. Here is a picture:     I used a photograph from some book for the fuschia flowers in the background; the butterfly in the foreground was something I added to fill in the picture.  My intent was for the butterfly to be sort of transparent.  My teacher was not fond of this idea and…

Mar 22, 2011

New items added to my Studio

Hi everyone! I took pictures of the bows I made for the craft fair I went to a couple weeks ago, and have started listing them at my Artfire Studio:

Mar 13, 2011

Winners Abound

Since there were only two people who commented on my bow giveaway post, I thought it would feel odd picking a number or flipping a coin or whatever to choose one winner, so I have decided to give away a bow (or set of the smaller bows) to both commenters!  Yay, congrats to you both! I will contact the both of you via email to get your choice of bows and your mailing information.

Mar 09, 2011

Promoting my guild peeps

I missed participating in the last theme challenge that the Polymer Clay Smooshers, which was “Nature”, because 1) I usually procrastinate on those anyway, and 2) as a result of that and my sudden decision to participate in the craft fair last weekend, my time was spent making bows and stuff instead of clay smooshin’. So, while I am a little bit late with this, I feel obligated to share a few of my fellow members’ entries into the Nature theme challenge.  Here you…

Mar 09, 2011

How about a Bow give away?

So my last give away had a few takers, so let’s see how many will jump in for this one!  Leave a comment on this post to enter to win your choice of any of the bows in the photos in my last post except the ones with spikes & loops (those would be the 4th of July bows, and the two Easter bows that are in the middle, horizontally, in the first photo of just the bows). We’ll set the end date this Saturday night, March 12, and I’ll draw a winner on Sunday, March 13. …

Mar 06, 2011

My First ‘Craft Fair’

It was a pretty small operation, but what better place to get my toes wet with the craft fair scene?  The entry fee was only $10, for a 10 foot space.  If I had had more product, that would have been a super investment.  Alas I had only one table, and pretty much took all of what I have in my Artfire shop, and spent one and a half weeks in my off hours trying to make as many bows as I could.  Yes, it was also a spur of the moment decision to jump into it, so I didn’t…

Feb 07, 2011

The winning stitch markers

Since the winner of the stitch markers has verified she received them (and likes them ), I’ll go ahead and post a couple of pictures of them. I made some others based on the rest of the suggestions that were given to me in the contest but I haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet.  I might aim to do that this weekend, and post them for sale as well if I can determine what price I should list them for. 

Feb 07, 2011

Freeway observations

I carpool with my husband, so I’m writing this as we sit in rush hour traffic. Why is it that very few drivers, when merging on an on-ramp from two lanes to one, do their best to try to get around the one by one merge method?  It’s like having to twist their arms to get the point across - no, you may NOT get in front of me, I already let the ONE car in that I was supposed to! And then the jerks that try to stay in a lane that is ending for construction until the last possible…

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