Dec 31, 2010

Happy holidays and ringing in 2011

So I have once again fallen away from posting anything.  That tends to be my cycle - go gung-ho into it, and post post post, then dwindle off until a month goes by before popping back in to say something.  I used to blog pretty regularly a few years ago.  I don’t know if my tendencies to slack off about this whole thing now is simply being bored with it, or if I’m just overly cautious since this place is more or less the face of my itsy bitsy business and I’m…

Nov 19, 2010

Polyform is changing their colors

I am not happy about this. Polyform - makers of Premo and Sculpey are changing their clay colors.  They are adding several that, to be honest, look interesting.  However, they are also doing something I think is incredibly stupid and idiotic - they are eliminating some of their primary colors!! The following colors are discontinued: Red Pearl, Green Pearl, Cobalt Blue, Sea Green, Copper, Zinc Yellow, Frost, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red and Glow-In-The-Dark – We’ll…

Nov 18, 2010

Smoosher’s Scavenger Hunt for the Holidays

I posted about this the other day, but I didn’t provide a snapshot of some of the prizes that you can win. And you can get more details, as well as other ways to enter to win one of the prizes, at our guild’s blog. There’s some really neat items to win, so you won’t want to miss this!  Plus who knows what cool item you may come across in the scavenger hunt that you just HAVE to buy!

Nov 15, 2010

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

The Polymer Clay Smooshers’ guild is having a Holiday Scavenger Hunt!  Visit our guild’s blog for further details - there are prizes to win! In a nutshell, several of guild members have placed an icon in our studios.  Starting from our guild blog, visit each of the studios and start hunting!  Who knows, you may even come across a studio that creates items that catch your eye, and maybe you’ll see something that you just have to get someone as a gift for…

Oct 27, 2010

Off to the Beach

Don’t I wish.  I haven’t been to the beach in a couple of years, we live too far away for it to be a frequent visit.  But I definitely want to go back sometime.  My family, which included my husband, my daughter, my husband’s mom and myself, went out to San Diego when my daughter was two and a half years old.  We visited the beach the evening we arrived, so it was my daughter’s first time seeing and stepping foot in the ocean. She was a bit hesitant…

Oct 22, 2010

In need of inspiration

So I’ve finished thirty-two more pumpkin pie slice charms like these: (some with and some without whipped topping).  I haven’t photographed them yet, the whipped topping on some is a little different and I used copper for the wrapped loops on some of them as well, but they’ll be available for the asking when I increase the quantities on my listings. Currently I have some ice cream cone charms in the oven, we’ll see how those turn out.  I have to admit, I…

Sep 30, 2010

Last chance for $5.95 a month studio at ArtFire!

Ok folks, today is the last day you can opt-in to get an ArtFire studio for only $5.95 a month for as long as you want it!  Tonight at midnight Arizona time (currently the same as PDT) they’ll be activating this deal, and after that the price will go back up (I think it is $15.95/month after that).  Don’t miss out! Just a reminder - listing 30 items at Etsy - and not re-listing them a few days later - will cost you $6!  So having a studio at ArtFire is a huge benefit,…

Sep 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Smooshers Masquerade Clay Ball

October is right around the corner, and with that brings cooler weather (well, for most places anyway - we’re still getting over 100 degree temps here!), Halloween, and… the Polymer Clay Smooshers Masquerade Clay Ball. I was not a member of the guild last year so I had not participated then, but I am participating this year.  The Ball starts October 1st, and there are prizes to be had, made by our guild master, ColtPixy, and another fellow guild member, HaffinaCreations. …

Sep 26, 2010

New listings - pumpkin pie bead charms

I just listed some pumpkin pie bead charms I made a while back, and I’m making some more this week.  There are four sets up for grabs - two pair without whipped cream, and two pair with whipped cream.  They’re made with Premo polymer clay and real allspice.  They do have a hint of allspice scent from using the real thing. These can be used to make a charm bracelet, earrings or a necklace.  If you like pumpkin pie, you might like these, especially since they are…

Sep 23, 2010

H@ckers are strange beings

So, the whole reason I had to move my site over to ExpressionEngine sooner than I had planned, was because some bored h@ckers in Eastern Europe defaced my main page, getting in through my installation of WordPress. WordPress, which I had updated to the most recent version at that time, which was 3.0.

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