Sep 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Smooshers Masquerade Clay Ball

October is right around the corner, and with that brings cooler weather (well, for most places anyway - we’re still getting over 100 degree temps here!), Halloween, and… the Polymer Clay Smooshers Masquerade Clay Ball. I was not a member of the guild last year so I had not participated then, but I am participating this year.  The Ball starts October 1st, and there are prizes to be had, made by our guild master, ColtPixy, and another fellow guild member, HaffinaCreations. …

Sep 23, 2010

ArtFire will activate their deal - don’t miss out!

The guys that run ArtFire decided to go ahead and activate the group deal that many of us have been promoting, on October 1st, 2010.  That means, if you sign up for a Basic account and opt-in before that date, you’re guaranteed to get a Pro studio for $5.95 per month, for as long as you want it!  NO closing fees, no need to re-list anything!  Lots of great Pro features! I’m happy that the two studios I have will get that rate, I’ll have two shops for what…

Sep 18, 2010

One fifth of the way there!

I added a second studio today.  I figure, if this deal reaches 20,000 people and opens up, I’ll be paying for two studios at almost one dollar less than what I’m paying for the one I have now!  My new studio will be for beads that I make with polymer clay.  My main studio will be for jewelry, and maybe sculptures if I feel like adding them to sell. It looks like we’re about 1/5th of the way to the first goal of 20,000 sign ups.  My new studio was the #4081th…

Sep 16, 2010

EE up on main domain

As you can see, I now have ExpressionEngine up and running my blog on my main domain now.  I have retired WordPress.  There are still quite a few things that EE can’t do that WP could, but I will just work around it.  The biggest good thing, I think, will be that this software should be a lot stronger in the security department. As I mentioned before I transitioned over to this software, when I imported all of my entries from WordPress, it created member profiles for anyone…

Sep 09, 2010

Momentary panic attack

I did something extremely stupid, I accidentally deleted like half of my public_html directory. Thank goodness I had most of the important stuff backed up.  I got it put back together in short order, although there are probably a few other items that were deleted that I don’t recall what they were.  Oh well. And hey! Comments are working now!  That problem was caused by not having the most current version of my software, which is weird because I thought I did have it. …

Sep 09, 2010

Erm.. commenting may not work yet

Not really sure what is up with it, I have to dig around and see why it is not asking for your info if you’re not logged in. Until then, you may have to comment at my WordPress blog for now, I’m not sure if the comments will complete here. Sorry.

Sep 09, 2010

New blog is coming together

Ok, I finished editing and moving entries around, assigning them categories, etc..  Please take a look around. I know my links in the sidebar are still not set up yet, but that will be on my to-do list. Please feel free to comment about what you think of my new blog!  I will be moving it probably within a week, to it’s permanent home in the main directory, so when you type in my domain, this page is what you see (essentially, I will make it so /eeblog/ is not necessary to see…

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