Mar 24, 2012

Hatemail from my cat

Dearest Human, You know I detest the crate, and dislike car rides even more.  Yet you stuffed me into one and took me for a spin. So I peed in the crate.  You're welcome. We went someplace new.  Well, maybe I had been there before, but it had been a while since our last "trip", so it was still new to me.  The ladies were friendly, except the first one who stuck something up my backside.  W T F?  Don't do that again. Thanks. Then you shoved me BACK into the crate (gee, thanks), and back…

Mar 21, 2012

Easter dress - 98% completed

I'm just about done with my daughter's Easter dress.  All I have left to do is slipstitch the lining to the zipper. She LOVES it so far, and is begging me to let her wear it before Easter.  Sorry kiddo!   Things I've learned so far on this project: Cutting takes nearly as long as the sewing does. But a rotary blade does make it go faster. Apparently the cutting ladies at the craft store need to learn how to interpret the data on the back of a pattern packet, the parts that tell one how…

Mar 20, 2012

Golden Key pendant - at Etsy

  Second listing moved over to Etsy today.  Click the image to visit the listing. $19USD

Mar 20, 2012

Moving more listings from ArtFire to Etsy

I'll be moving more listings from my ArtFire Studio to my Etsy store throughout the rest of the month.  I'll post them here as they're moved.  My goal is to have all 27 items left in my ArtFire studio moved out before the next billing cycle at ArtFire.  Their latest change put the nail in the coffin for my shop there... on the Billing tab, one can no longer SEE which  payment method they are using to pay the monthly fee, nor WHEN the billing date is, or any of that stuff.  The page directs…

Mar 13, 2012

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones will be premiering on April 1st. I can hardly wait!  We bought season 1 on iTunes so we could rewatch them, and we also bought a copy of the soundtrack, too. Yet another countdown... [ujicountdown id="Game of Thrones" expire="2012/04/01 21:00" hide = "true"]  

Mar 06, 2012

Counting down to Spring Break

I put a little countdown timer at the bottom of the page (it didn't really fit very well on the sidebar), more for me than anything else I guess.  I'm looking forward to a couple of days off when my daughter goes on Spring Break, even if we don't even go anywhere. We're working a lot of overtime at work, which, while is nice on the pocket book (finally - last year we were salaried and were exempt from OT... we got changed to hourly this year... small blessings, right?), it's rough on the brain…

Mar 06, 2012

Spring Break Countdown

[ujicountdown id="Spring Break" expire="2012/03/19 00:00" hide = "true"]   [ujicountdown id="Game of Thrones" expire="2012/04/01 21:00" hide = "true"]

Mar 06, 2012

Crafty Carnival at the school

Last Saturday I participated as a vendor at my daughter's school Spring Carnival again. Last year I participated and didn't sell a thing. This year, I sold a key chain, a bottlecap necklace, and several hair bows.  I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by and bought something from me this year, you really made my day! 😊 I worked pretty hard making those items in the weeks before, so I would have been sad if I'd walked away selling nothing again like the previous…

Feb 13, 2012

WIPs, completed projects and high expectations

I already posted pictures of these on FB last night, but figured it would make a good blog post, too, following up on my last one about ordering my sewing machine. I first used it to fix some bad stitching on one of my daughter's nightgowns, using a "stretchy" stitch since the fabric is kind of stretchy.  Not too bad on that, at least now she can wear it without thread coming undone on her.  (no picture, sorry) Next I attached some ribbon to some cotton webbing in preparation for…

Jan 30, 2012

I’ll be all domesticated and stuff

I ordered a sewing machine. :-o It will (should) arrive tomorrow, but I have no fabric or anything yet.  Picked out a pattern for a dress for my daughter but, since I've never used a sewing machine in my life, I'm probably setting my sights pretty high.  It seems like a simple pattern, but knowing my luck it may not be. So um, maybe I'll find a pillowcase pattern somewhere and make her that first, instead.  Start easy and work up to the dress. LOL I also plan on using it to make keychain fobs…

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